Worship on Sunday starts at 9:00 am.

We have a friendly relaxed style, so come as you are!

We are a church dedicated to inclusion and we welcome you, no matter your age, gender, ethnic background, sexual orientation, economic status, physical ability, or mental ability.service

Confirmation Sunday
Confirmation Sunday
New Members
New Members
Graduation Sunday
Graduation Sunday



Advent candle lighting



Easter Celebration – I know Christ is Alive when..



During the year we have special events or services, so be sure and check our calendar to see what’s coming up!


Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 6.08.43 PMbegin



Did you miss our 100 year celebration and rededication of our sanctuary?

View or Download the PDF of the special booklet herePlease note, this is a large file, and might take time to download, depending on your system.

Sometimes we partner with other United Methodists Churches in the area, such as Tabernacle or Fairview, because we believe in building strong communities, and because it’s fun.

Holy Thursday Meal with members from Tabernacle
Holy Thursday Meal with members from Tabernacle

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